“Angela gave me a facial and it was a very positive experience. She takes her time, explains what she is doing/going to do, and was very gentle, with a positive attitude. I liked the scent of the stuff she used – not too strong, very lovely. My skin never looked so good. I could definitely see the difference the following day.”

“Great skin care expert Angie has the perfect touch and takes her time whit each client, I would recommend the Oxygen facial it’s the best and waxing painless [;)] ”

“I have been fighting acne and scarring all my life. I would wear layers and layers of makeup to try and hide it, which of course only made it worse.To top it off, I have ridiculously sensitive skin that does not react well to most topical chemicals. I have tried salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, retin-A, sulfur, homeopathic, oil-free, tea tree oil, etc. I was on the verge of trying Accutane when I found Angie. I went to Angie 5 times, and she gave me my self confidence back. She did microdermabrasion and extractions and my skin is the best it’s ever been. She is a magician!”

“I had a wonderful experience at Angie’s. My face looked and felt amazing. I got the pore facial. And boy did I. The first half was soothing and calm, then she did the extractions, no pain no gain. I was worried my face would be red and puffy but I was wrong. She knows exactly what she’s doing. Each pore was clean and fresh. I will definitely be going back, and telling all my friends (or maybe I’ll just keep it to myself) [:)] ”