Oxygen Sauna Therapy

Oxygen Sauna therapy is a new type of treatment that uses oxygen to help eliminate toxins in the body. It uses a machine that is similar to that of a sauna, but it is used to eliminate toxins versus weight loss.

Oxygen Sauna Therapy


  • Monthly Membership - $399
  • Single session - $65
  • 3 Session Package - $180
  • 5  Session Package - $280
  • 10 Session Package - $475

Treatment Info

The treatment is set up exactly like a regular sauna machine, which the client gets inside. Once inside the machine, the steam opens up the pores and concentrated oxygen is pumped in. The oxygen and ozone gets into the bloodstream where it goes to the lymph tissues and fat. Once the oxygen reaches these areas it begins to remove the toxins that have accumulated there.

The oxygen or ozone gas then move the toxins in the body to lymphatic areas where they are sweated out. The proof of the toxins being removed can be seen on a white towel as black patches after the client dries off. The gas also moves through the body oxidizing the red blood cells within. The benefit of this is a more effective immune system which makes the body stronger at fighting off other pathogens. Some studies have even shown the treatment to have the benefit of getting rid of bacteria, fungi, infections, and even helping cancer patients.

Patients who have undergone this treatment say this therapy really revitalized them. They have more energy and feel like they are able to do more. They also noticed a significant difference in how their body feels. Another benefit to the Oxygen Sauna Therapy is its ability to get rid of infections and other pathogens by oxidizing them.

The benefits of this sauna therapy are said to be numerous with many people using them to treat ailments they may have. Oxygen Sauna Therapy can treat you whether you are dealing chronic pain, fatigue, or a debilitating illness. Give it a try to today to have a renewed tomorrow!