Eye Enhancements

Complimentary consultation - 15 mins 

Adhesive 24 to 48 hours patch test is required prior to appointment.


NovaLash Classic (2 hours) - $200
Top Lashes- Full Set

Nova Minx Mix (2 hours) - $225
Top Lashes- Full Set

Infills  $55/ $75
Every 2-3 weeks to keep them looking beautiful, After 4 weeks you will probably need a new set.

If you do not wish to maintain your lashes then please either return for a removal or let them fall out naturally. Never attempt to remove them yourself.

Eyelash Extension Removal - $75

Using tints derived from ingredients that are safe for eyes, eyelashes are tinted a shade that enhances the appearance of your eyes. Great for vacations or when you want to look great without mascara.

 Eyebrow-safe tints are applied to the brow using a small brush. The color of the brow becomes uniform, making brows look fuller and more even.